The Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet

Flat feet, also called fallen arches affect about 30% of the world’s population. While flat feet may not appear to be a big issue it can cause pain in the heel, arch, midfoot, ankles, knees, hips and even the lower back. The arch of your foot acts as a natural shock absorber to help with each step, if you have fallen or low arches you do not have this natural shock absorber and are more likely to hurt yourself or feel pain, especially when exercising. The best way to avoid experiencing any of the pain associated with flat feet is to wear a supportive and comfortable shoe engineered specifically for people with fallen arches.

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What to Look for in Shoes for Flat Feet

When it comes to purchasing a pair of shoes that are designed best for people with flat feet it is important to consider the support that your feet are lacking and how your shoes can make up for these. There are three main areas of support that a shoe can offer you if you suffer from fallen or low arches.

It is important to find a pair of shoes that bend where the toes are and not in the middle. A lot of shoes that are engineered for running are incredibly light weight and will bend in the middle, but if you lack an arch you need to have all the support you can get from your shoes in this area.


People with flat feet should look for a shoe that has a good heel support. Not only will this provide you with the proper support, but heel support can also prevent rolling your ankles.

The shoe needs to provide an overall stability. This means that they should not be able to twist and bend easily, instead you want to find a stiff and stable shoe for the best support for flat feet. Despite how it sounds, a stiff shoe can also be comfortable because shoes are made with a lot of padding.

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Top 10 best shoes for flat feet

1. Mizuno Wave Creation 15

The Mizuno Wave is available in both male and female options that are designed specifically to fit either gender. The upper part of this shoe is light and breathable made with synthetic and mesh materials combined. Although the upper is comfortable, it is not water resistant so your feet will get wet when wearing on rainy and wet days. The Wave Creation 15 has added comfort from the trademarked Dynamotion Fit that provides a form fitting and secure fit. Plus a molded foam insole that provides comfort at the sole of the foot.

2. Brooks Addiction Shoes

Another shoe that is great for people with flat feet and available for both men and women alike is the Brooks Addiction Running Shoe. Equipped with a mesh and synthetic upper lining that is breathable and lightweight, these shoes will keep your feet cool and dry. With an internal support saddle these shoes provide the midsole support someone with fallen or low arches needs. Plus, this shoe is made with an extended progressive diagonal rollbar that helps control the pronation within your stride to create a smoother transition throughout each step. These shoes are available in many different styles for both men and women so it is easy to match these to your preferences.

3. Saucoy Hurricane 15

Designed with a lot of cushioning in the midsole these shoes provide an all day comfort for anyone, especially people with flat feet. With additional support under the toes, these shoes can alleviate pain in the feet that is normally caused by people who have low or fallen arches. This support also has a lowered heel to toe ratio between each transition. The upper of the Saucoy Hurricane 15 is made completely of synthetic materials so it does not allow your feet to breath properly, which can cause your feet to overheat, but it does keep them more dry in wet situations.

4. Nike LunarGlide 6

Nike has never known to disappoint when it comes to making shoes, even when designing a shoe that is comfortable and stable for someone with flat feet. The Nike LunarGlid 6 is a light weight trainer shoe that provides a smooth transition to help with an over pronation gait issue. The trademarked Lunarlon foam encompasses the entire foot giving it a custom feeling for all day comfort. Engineered with an upper mesh covering these shoes are breathable and will provide a secure fit onto the top of your foot. The midsole and heel of these shoes provide the stability and protection a person with fallen or low arches need to prevent any pain or injuries. Like many Nike shoes, these come in both men and women styles and in a wide variety of colors.

5. ASICS Gel Super J33

The Asics Gel Super J33 shoe is available in both men and women’s sizes and styles. Created to be a lightweight shoe that is great for training, but with a little more padded and stability. In the Super J33 shoe there is a second layer of a more stable foam that is in the inside of the shoe. It provides comfort and firmness for the wearer, especially for people with flat feet. Despite their lack of breathability these shoes offer the support in the right areas for anyone who has low arches. And as a plus they come in many different styles and colors.


6. New Balance 1260v6 Stability Running Shoe

New Balance makes a great collection of shoes for people who have wider feet, since they offer a variety of width sizing. So, it is no wonder that they would design a shoe that is stable and comfortable for people with flat feet. The 1260v6 Stability Running Shoe is no exception. With a very stable and solid sole that is cushioned on the inside provides the support that an arch would naturally provide. The upper mesh comes in many different colors and designs to suit any style, but they also serve a purpose. These designs on the outer portion of the shoe helps provide a snug fit keeping the shoe in place with every step.

7. Asics Gel Lyte33 2

The brightly designed Asics Gel Lyte33 2 shoe was engineered to help runners improve their running form. But they are also helpful for people who suffer from flat feet because of the support they offer in the heel and midsole area. For a lightweight shoe it possess a decent amount of cushioning that provides an all-day comfort level. Also, the small heel to toe drop ratio is only 6mm making it easier for each stepping transition.


8. Reebok ZPump Fusion

The Reebok ZPump Fusion shoe is incredibly eye catching by its color variation and design alone. But after putting these shoes on you will notice a difference between these shoes and any other running shoes. While the soles of these shoes don’t seem to be incredibly solid because they offer a lot of flexibility, the cushioning inside of the shoe offers the support in the midsole area for someone with flat feet to provide comfort. Lastly, the Reebok ZPump Fusion has a pump technology that allows the shoe to fit more snug around your foot in the midsole and heel areas, giving your shoes a customized feel.

9. Mizuno Wave Inspire 13

Mizuno Wave Inspire 13

Another great shoe made by Mizuno is the Wave Inspire 13 is similar to the Wave Creation 15 with the lightweight and inner cushioning, but in this shoe, you will find more stability and a heavier sole. While this may not sound comfortable, the padding that is within the shoe provides the all-day comfort you would want while wearing any type of shoe. The wave system within this shoe allows for a smooth walking transition with each stride and alleviates pain that typically runs in people with flat feet.

10. New Balance Vazee Prism

New Balance Vazee Prism

New Balance provies a wide variety of shoes to help people who have an unnatural gait, wide feet, or fallen/low arches. And the Vazee Prism lives up to the New Balance name. This lightweight shoe is very slim and flexbile, but has efficient support in the midsole area to provide the stability that a flat foot needs to stay protected. The foam that is located in the midsole area is from the patented REVlite technology that is responsive and absorbs shock from landing hard. These shoes are part of a newer line of New Balance shoes and come in many different colors and styles.

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