How to Choose Comfortable Golf Shoes

Golf is one of the most popular sports worldwide, especially for gentleman or the elders because of its outstanding benefits. In general, gold is not like many other types of sports such as football, tennis and so on.


Actually, to play golf, you just need to walk and hit the ball, that’s all. But the main reason why this sport is special is that it doesn’t only help players strengthen muscles but also is good for their brains and vision. Furthermore, it is also known as the most low- risk injury sport so it is suitable for people of all ages, particularly the elders.

However, as I said, golf is for gentleman so you can’t just go to a large outdoor course and play it. In fact, unlike football or badminton, to play this “royal” sport, you have to prepare specialized equipment such as a golf bag, golf club, shoes and gloves.

But today, we will only talk about one of the most important things for playing golf: gold shoes. The reason why I want to focus on shoes is that almost all of gold players only care about golf sticks and gloves. Specifically, they think that a good golf club and a comfortable pair of gloves are much necessary than a pair of shoes. This is simply because they don’t need shoes to hit a ball, do you think it is really ridiculous?

Whatever, I want you to remember that everything is equally important including the shoes. If you can choose a right pair of golf shoes, it will fit snugly to your feet, keeping them dry, warm as well as comfortable the entire the time you play. Therefore, good shoes won’t chafe around the angles and cause any harm to your feet even in tough terrain.

What to consider when buying golf shoes

It is obvious that a wrong pair of golf shoes can completely cause aching feet, sore ankles and blisters, therefore, turn a round of golf into a painful rush to finish. With such pain and discomfort, it is sure that you can’t focus on your game anymore.

That is why it is very important for you to buy a suitable pair of golf shoes and it is not by chance that professional golf player care much about their shoes that much. However, in order to buy the right golf shoes, there are a lot of things you should consider such as the prices, sizes, materials and even designs. But you don’t to worry about that because I can help you choose what you need.


When it comes to choosing a pair of golf shoes, there are 3 different styles available for you: traditional and athletic (with and without spikes).


Traditional style shoes are made from leather, therefore, it is very hard wearing and of course long lasting. But the downside of this style is that it lacks breathability and flexibility.

Whereas athletic style, both with and without spikes, is lightweight and surprisingly flexible. That’s the reason why many top brands such as Adidas, Nike, and Puma supply a wide range of athletic golf shoes. For further information, this style now is also favored by the world’s best Tour Professionals.

Comfort and Waterproofing

After choosing your favorite design, the next thing to care about is the material because this factor can determine how comfortable you feel during a golf game. Of course, the comfort is the top priority, thus, leather shoes are generally more preferred than any other material.

Additionally, leather shoes can last longer than other types. If you decide to purchase leather shoes, I recommend you pick up some leather treatment lotion in order to protect them from wear.

You also need to consider the waterproofing of the golf shoes. Just make sure that they suitable for every season. Why? Because I bet you don’t want to replace your current shoes 3 or 4 times a year just because of the wet weather.


Keep in mind that no matter how great the golf shoes look, you shouldn’t choose them if they can’t fit your feet perfectly.

Specifically, when trying on a pair of golf shoes in a store, it is essential to determine whether they are too loose or tight by walking around for a few minutes with the shoes. You have to know that with a wrong size, tour feet don’t have enough room to slip around and your heel can’t experience much lift. Thus, when you swing the club, you will never want your foot swiveling in your shoes which can cause instability in your stance.

Spikes or no spikes

It is clear that some soft spikes can provide you more of a grip the whole time and are indispensable on wet and hilly courses. However, some players say that spikeless shoes are more comfortable thanks to their flexible soles and lightweight construction

But which type you choose depends on you. Just remember that spikeless shoes are commonly used in dry weather, offering equal traction and stability like their soft spike alternatives. Hence, just choose the right one based on the conditions you play in.


Maybe color is not really important to you but it means something to some other people. Just choose any color you like after considering all of the factors above. However, you should know about a rule of thumb when it comes to colors: never choose white shoes when you always play in wet conditions, no matter how beautiful they look. But if I were you, I’d choose a pair of golf shoes with neutral tones.


Overall, golf shoes range in price from around £50 to more than £200. Don’t ever think that the more expensive shoes you buy, the better they are. In fact, you have to depend on how often you play golf. If you just play it once or twice a month, then a pair between £50 and £100 is quite enough for you. However, if you play more frequently, £150 and £200 is the suitable price range for you.

I advise you be patient and wait for some special offers on 20% or 40 % off sale, which usually happens in January. This will not only help you buy your favorite shoes but also save a lot of money. Click here for more guides on golf bags, golf rangefinder…

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