How Often To Replace Walking Shoes?

How long do you often get a new pair of shoes? The answer would be different from one to one because people have numerous reasons to get a new pair of shoes. Some would like to get a new pair whenever they feel sick of wearing the current pair, but some others like to replace one new pair when they see their current ones are broken or worn out.

However, the matter becomes an interesting issue when your shoes are used for walking because it doesn’t involve the financial problem or a habit, but involves the safety, so the interesting question today is how often to replace your walking shoes?

How Many Miles Your Shoes Should Be Replaced?

Unlike the normal shoes that you often wear to be styled and fashionable, the shoes used for walking are likely to be worn out or broken easier because the places you tread on often are harder and dirtier.

Also, the more time your shoes are exposed to substances that ruins your shoes, the shorter lifetime of your shoes are, which means how long you should replace your walking shoes may depend on the miles you’ve walked, which means you can keep track of the miles you walk with your each pair.

Normally, it is advisable to replace your shoes every 300 – 500 miles you walk. Also, to count the number of months for each pair of shoes should stop the job of walking, it is better to replace a new pair every six months if you walk for 30 minutes a day.

Signs Of Shoes to Get New Pair

The time of shoes’s lifetime or miles of walking are just something as advisable numbers because there are many risks that shorts the life of your shoes such as the weather, the quality of the shoes, and your overuse during your workout process.


But any severe damage of shoes may make them decrease the ability of support your feet so that they make your feel uncomfortable during wearing, but what worsen? Walking in threadbare shoes may cause some severe injuries that take months to heal. Here are some signs that tell you to put your shoes on the corner or in your bin, and get a new pair.

The soles – Over times your shoes are aging and the signs you can see in your shoes is their outsole start to be worn out and hinged, resulting in the ability of grip on the surface is decreased. Also, a long time using often makes the midsole detached from the outsole, which means you need to get a new pair.

Plus, there is a test to help you know the sole isn’t in good condition any more, that is put your hand on the shoe while the other hand presses on the sole at a time, if you can feel your fingers pressing through, meaning there is no doubt of being worn out.

Uppers – It is very normal to see your uppers of shoes become broken down around the ankle, which decrease the ability of support the feet, so when you see any signs of this, throw them away!

The ability of flexibility – New shoes are often firm and constructed but these features won’t stay the same after several miles of walking, but what they are like would mean you need to replace? Just check them by bending your shoes, if the any one of them are bended easily, it means it isn’t in a good condition to wear for walking.

Bad smell – It sounds a bit weird when smell is linked to damaged shoes, but overesed shoes often have this sign as the result of sweat mixed with dirt, mud and soil, so when your shoes smell bad even after you have carefully washed them with soap, it means you should replace them.

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