How Does Power Walking Help Your Body

As busy life we have today, sedentary life is becoming a trend. This definitely makes us likely to suffer from health problems due to the less exercise. That’s why walking is advisable for us to do due to its benefits for our body. But how walking, especially power walking is beneficial for us? Here are 7 facts that it is helpful for us.

  1. Weight Loss

Obviously walking is good for overall fitness and no one doubt about this fact. Actually, walking helps to burn the calories in the body – the enemy of gaining weight. An individual that does no exercise is likely to be obese than those who walk every day. Evenly they just walk for 15 minutes at lunch times. As many studies show, the more intense exercise, the more calories are burned. This also means that power walking would be more helpful than normal walking.

  1. Improving Bone

It is said that walking helps to strong bone. Actually it is true. Bone, it seems, respond better to exercise that need forceful muscle contractions. This means exercise like power walking is helpful to strengthen bones. Evidently, according to the Nurses’ Health Study, postmenopausal women who walked at least four hours a week for ages were 40% unlikely to experience hip fracture. Of course, this was compared to those who didn’t or walked less. Also, the more time of walking spending, the less chances to experience hip fracture.

  1. Reducing Risks of Diabetes

Diabetes is caused by high blood sugar, which means the transportation sugar from into cells isn’t well done. However, Walking helps to prevent diabetes. Even those who suffer from diabetes can walk regularly to reduce the risks of aggravation of condition.

When walking helps your muscle needs blood sugar for energy and muscle contraction. As a result, sugar from blood is transported effectively. It is due to the increasing insulin sensitivity. Consequently, it lowers the risks of diabetes.

As a study shows, when you walk 30 minutes five days every week (approximately 150 minutes per week) can reduce the risks of diabetes by 58%.

  1. Preventing Heart Attack

Regularly walking is actually helpful in many ways. It included the ability to prevent heart attack. Also, there was a study that proved this fact. According to the Nurse’ health study, people who walked at least three hours per week were less likely to experience heart attack by 35% than those who never did or less.

  1. Helping to Fight Against Breast Cancer

Sedentary life also gives the chances to experience breast cancer. However, physical activities like power walking can help in reducing the risks of breast cancer. Even a 15-minute walking every day is also precious. Certainly, it is better when comparing to no exercise life. Also, brisk walking – power walking helps to reduces the risks of breast cancer by 18%.

  1. Speeding Up the Metabolism Process

Does power walking helps to improve the metabolism in your body? It actually does. When you do physical activities. The metabolism process also happens in your body. The more intense activities you have, the more metabolism process speed up. For those reasons, let’s walk more regularly to have better metabolism.

  1. Having a Flat belly and Slim Thighs

It is obviously true that walking helps to lose weight. But does this physical activity work for flat belly and slim thighs? Actually many people do this, and it works well. Power walking doesn’t only help to maximize the calorie burning but also improve muscle endurance.

Also, this is the way it helps your thigh become firmer and slimmer. However, to have the better benefits of walking, it should be done regularly. In case you’ve been the type of non-exercise life before, it is better to start with short distance for short time. As your body is getting used to it, expand the time and distances. Bear in mind flat belly and slim thighs do not happen overnight.

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